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Originally Posted by kevinm View Post
im really debating on getting the bbk lt headers ...i know there illegal out here but im willing to risk it ..i have a 2012 mustang with bama 91r tune intake and dynomax vt exhaust ..i just want that extra push and when it comes to getting it smogged ill switch back to regular headers..any suggestions ?
Long tube headers will definitely be an awesome addition to your already modded 2011+ V6! As you know, you won't pass emissions with a set of Long tubes and an after market X-pipe. This is something that everyone who has a car with headers on it has to deal with! If you're willing to do the work to swap them back and forth, that plan will work.

I wish there was a better answer!

Hit me up if you have any questions. Also, let us know when you get the headers installed, we'll get you an updated tune sent out!


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