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Originally Posted by GTNOS
my dept does vehicle unlocks. a few weeks ago i got called to unlock some teenage girl's car at a gas pump. all doors locked. keys in the ignition, car running. drivers window down about 1/2 way! "oookaay" i said, as i reached through the window and unlocked the car.

Are these kids really that friggin stupid? how do they get a license in the first place? good thing im not one of the troopers who do the drivers license tests.... id require everyone pass my "dumba$$" test before i even got in a car with them...
My girlfriend's daughter went through a carwash in the winter and the wash broke down half way through. It was so cold out all the doors and windows froze shut and she had to call AAA from her cell phone from inside the car. Not easy to keep a straight face...

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