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Originally Posted by sincitystang
My car is a year old now too, it has 8K on it. I do drive a work truck most of a time, but i drive the stang as much as possible. Is your car a GT or V6?
Mine's a V6 and my everyday-drive to/from work, the car wash and occasional weekend get-together with friends. For everything else, we take hubby's Honda Pilot, though grocery and post office runs are shared, depending on the day of the week (we don't have the same days off).

I'm lucky; my morning drive is very early, so traffic is really light. It's the afternoons that bite. People are insane. I'm constantly amazed at the bold (and royally stupid) moves I see out there. My favorite...? A guy in a Tahoe in the far right lane stopped at a redlight - the light turned green and he pulled a U-turn right in front of the car between us and me... I had the green left arrow. Thank goodness I paused. I have a feeling the guy would have just ran off if I'd hit him. Pure gall... Why not drive ahead and pull a safe U-turn? Is it that much fun putting themselves and everyone around them at risk? Who knows...

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