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Originally Posted by sincitystang
AWESOME! you have bragging of the fastest car from the Big 3.. i'm JEALOUS! i miss my Vette ... but i cant afford what you forked out even with that incredible deal. Did you keep your stang? i'm asuming you did if your saying your out of the S197 club.?? but when the conv shelby is out, i am sure it will have fun next to Z06 in the garage... Any mods?? to the vette? i would do cold air and tune first....
Hey sin..thanks dude ..nothing to be jealous about ..the stang is a sweet vert is fact it will be in a movie due out next year ...sort of like a new "Big Chill" ...Vette is staying Bone Stock ...the purchase wiped out my challenger sale proceeds...Hopefully I'll be able to swing the GT500 Vert...but I'm tired of waiting & all the BS you have people still paying 15K + over sticker which I think is total BS ...guess they haven't learned from the Ford GT ....This purchase it totally out of character for a guy bored w/shifting & wanting to open air motor ..BUT ...the Car is an amazing engineering feat & I can put 427 badges on the hood

I'll still be lurking ....PS- wonder how the Z06 would do with a blower

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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