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Originally Posted by sincitystang
There is a guy in the Vette world caled John Lingenfelter...check out his mods for that bad boy....BTW...compared to your blown 05, how is the Z06 in comparison?....I had a friend who has an 03 Z06 and he said the new Z06 made his car feel like a tricycle...what do you think?
Well Let me qualify this ...I drove the C-6 vert auto & it was a slug contest compared to the stang..the stang would have beat it ten ways to sunday....tonight it was absolutely pouring way I was going to test drive the car....based on the 71K price I bought it w/out driving it I can't give you any comparison to my ex-sprchrged stang ...However to give you an idea on my impulsiveness , the CHEAPEST decent 2006 Z06 on ebay is this one
Dealer's reserve is 5K more for a used car than I paid for Mine which is Brand New (+ plus stickered higher ) & I may even get the 100K GM powertain warranty ...tomorrow I'll finish the paperwork by noon time & barring the wife rendering me unconsitious ...will give you a straight up comparison ...keep in mind stang was no had a few other tweaks I never mentioned but I have a feeling the vette will out perform it virtually All around....the rotors & calipers are massive !

PS- I know Lingenfelter makes some sick machines ...right now I feel it will stay stock...if for nothing else to have extra $$ on hand for the Shelby Vert

PSS - sin, since your one of the few vette fans here, I can also PM you so as not to offend anyone or mess with the integrity of the s-197 board

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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