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its in general...that accident woulda happened at the track too..they hit each other...this subject comes up everytime someone finds an article in the all know my view on it, i'm the guy with the "streetracer" license plate. i'll just say this to put it in perspective.There are more old people that get into accidents than streetracers do...should they be allowed to drive? Dont even get me started on the drunk drivers and yet i dont see anyone postin a condemnation of them. what about the younguns that drive stangs and crash due to inexperience, not racin? take the cars from them too? people who drive even though they know they are prone to seizures? one ended up on the second floor of a house 2 days ago...parked in the bathroom!!! people who jaywalk cause more accidents than streetracers do! and chinese...welll nevermind... i understand that people want to villify streetracin..its easy to do...makes everyone feel better somehow...but hey its not goin anywhere its too much fun!! secondhand smoke does more damage to your fellow man and the entire earth than streetracin so lets clean up the real problems
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