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I do not believe I would be alone in thinking there is a time and a place for everything. You want to race - do it at a track and have a great time. Street racing - yes it may be fun, but generally the participants are not using prudence in their decision to race on a public street. Yes, drunks, seniors and younger and inexperienced drivers, people have seizures - and these are "accidents". They are not preplanned possibilities of "negligence".
An individual who, with little or no forthought of the consequences and surrounding conditions, races another on a public street and an "incident" - not an accident - occurs - that is negligence. Negligence is not an accident.

Negligence is " 1 a : the quality or state of being negligent b : failure to exercise the care that a prudent person usually exercises."

Street racing, now what would that be? How about an unplanned and potentially negligent causing speed contest between individuals on a public way.

I am not talking about people on back and seldom used roads in industrial areas. I am specifically talking about those drivers racing on a 4 lane publically traveled road, with a center median, from 10am to 11pm at night with little or no forthought about interfering with the lives or property of others.
Than we get to see on TV the aftermath of these incidents. The decorating of the roadside shrine and the interviews with crying girlfriends and the "hey dude do not get to close when you hug me" of the male friends expressing their sadness at the loss of another individual, who just wanted to race on the street at night and "gee, it's a free country dude".
There are 2 sides to every story. One thing about America - it is not my way or the highway, but respect for anothers opinion and the rights of others.
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