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Originally Posted by Shadowsong6 View Post
I haven't seen anyone around here talking about it... but Supersixmotorsports has all kinds of stuff out for our motors.. cams, heads, even a 4.0L stroker kit. Does no one know about it, or am I missing something and the parts aren't worth looking at?

Super Six Motorsports - V6 products that make your life faster

There's the link, most of their stuff is advertised right on the front page lol
Yeah, it's been talked about. AFAIK no one has pursued this. I definitely wouldn't do it with an auto and a stall as much trouble as I've had just getting the auto trans tuning done. We just started all over. WOT will be easy but it's the torque converter shudder workaround with a stall that seems to be giving my tuner and had given LandtoSea's tuner some trouble too. Now a stick car, that would be easier.

I'd be curious as to the tuning aspect of those reground cams like the timing of them and adjusting that if needed. That would likely take some dyno tuning time to see what works best and I wonder what tuner would be willing to do that as opposed to the quick money of tuning stock top end 3.7's.

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