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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
this jackass just wished death on every one of us that posts in the kill stories section...i dont even know what to say to him...but to the rest of guys always give me something to think about.sometimes gtnos gives a lil too much:hihi: .....but overall points taken...i only go all out from midnight to 4am in the factory districts...i used to race all hours of the day whenever someone challenged me but reading all of your intelligent posts made me stop that...
hey, i just pass along what i see on the streets every day i work man. people just dont realize what they are up against. and nghtrnnr, since you think racing from mid to 4 is safe, just cause no one is on the road, i hope what happened to a guy a few weeks back dont happen to you. he drove the same strech of road every day for the last 10 years he said. this one turn he could take at a high speed, and knew the exact speed he could take it at, even though it was double the posted speed limit. however, one night about 3 weeks ago, he was on his way home, and went to take that corner at the same speed that he always did. 60mph, when it was posted 30. he knew the turn, knew his car, knew his abilities. what he didnt know is that earlier that day, a Dolese truck has lost some gravel on that corner. the corner normally had a drag factor of .9. but with the loose pea gravel on the blacktop it lowered it to .2, which is about like hitting ice. when he took the turn, well, he found a tree. he is now deaf in both ears and partially blind in one eye from the brain damage he recieved, and is now learning the sign language that he will use to communicate with for the rest of his life, because without hearing, he will over time lose his ability to speak clearly. if he had been doing 30, he may have still lost control, (although my figures are showing that he most likely would have not) but even if he did, he would have hit that tree at a mild 10 mph instead of a brain damaging 45.... hopefully, while your racing, you dont find some pea gravel, or some oil that leaked from a car two days earlier, or some anti freeze, or find a pothole, or a puddle of water....some more for you to think about from the guy who gives you "a lil too much"

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