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Originally Posted by Intense View Post
I thought of it as in me not planning on selling the car anytime soon. That's why I went stainless. Also, I remember shelling out almost $800 on my niche vehicle I owned a couple of years ago for just Mid Length headers alone. I ended up with about $1300 in the whole mild steel setup. The headers were ceramic and the piping was aluminum coated.

It wasn't long before you saw tiny specs of rust coming through the ceramic coating on the headers. The rest of the exhaust was worse. This also happened on ceramic coated headers on a '69 Camaro I restored years ago. It's just very disappointing to me. That and I don't want to replace them again if I can prevent it. I'd just wait longer until I had the money for stainless if I was dead set on headers.
Intense, how does your care feel with the 4.30 gears in it? I'm debating a gear swap... coming from 3.31's I think the only thing that would make a big enough difference is going to 4.10's. With the auto I don't think it will be to bad. How do your 4.30 gears feel? is it to much shifting? is 1st gear useless?

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