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Hey Sin..Didn't want to post the pics here ...but will post the links ...Plate swap seemed to work out fine ( should have said 505 ponys ...LOL )

Dealer told me to take it easy for the first 500 miles so can't really beat on it .

So far ..few observations....The car is like a luxury car, suprisingly quiet (almost too quiet) & docile compared to my stang vert ...getting in & out is more of a stang would surely beat any stock vette ...this beast would probably take it in the 1/4 & obviously top end...Fit & Finish is fantastic . The blower gave the Stang motor much more sense of urgency ...The Z06 7.0 is very smooth...Finally ....I need the White , Blue Striped Shelby Vert ...parked along side .

White GT500 Vert / Blue Stripes- I'm waiting.....
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