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Just got my MPT tune 93.

Everything so far is sport on. 373 gears match my speedo.
Feels like it has more in it then Bama Tunes.

The idle feels smoother, gets to high rpm a lot faster as I'm shifting quite a bit quicker. I actually was testing it out and ran into a subie, turbo'd but not intercooled, he riced me as I was cruising so I caught up to him and ate him a live. More responsive and less clunky.

My bama tune has been great for 2.5 years, but I just wanted to try something new.

Our cars are adaptive and for the most part I cruise along. So I'll test it out until Saturday and then revert back to my 93 Hybrid tune from Bama and compare again as I have never unplugged my battery or took out the fuse to clear the adaptive learning.

Car feels great with the MPT tune, I'm not sure what they do but they did a great job and were spot on. Bama's tunes are great as well, just wanted to see if I can get more so I bit the bullet for 75$

Next on the list is throttle body from BBK

Cobb Access Port
MAPerformance Tune, CAI, and Intercooler
NGK 6510 Sparkplugs
Everything else is for show.

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