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Driving an American freedom/right? No. It's a privilage on a shared road. This is not an opinion. This is fact. I do not wish death upon anybody, however if somebody dies as a result of street racing don't expect me to shed a single tear. I have no sympathy for anybody doing that. Well bystanders on a sidewalk that aren't in any part with the race, that is different obviously.

Illegal abuse of this privilage and misuse of a vehicle in a dangerous manor indeed should be mandatory manslaughter. Get the fast and furious wannabe ****heads out of here. But that's of course for urban areas.

When it comes to the boondocks hitting a bystander isn't happening. So I'm lenient and more acceptable to people going their 1/4s there. Might not be the track but it's also not in the city or outskirts. At least it's a virtually abandoned road, next best thing to a track.

Until the deer join in.
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