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Originally Posted by chadhtx35 View Post
Not sure I can install the shorties by myself. I have one jack and a couple of stands, but It would probably take me 24hrs with my luck so I was taking into consideration what if I had to pay someone to do it which some shops charge quite a pretty penny. What should you expect to pay for a header install? I do want headers, but I just have concern if I can do the install myself and correctly.
If you liked the MPT tune before shorties, your definetly going to like it after the shorties. I had MPT before my shorties and catless mid/x pipe. I noticed a significant difference after the install, and slightly more after a re-tune.

I did do my headers and off road x pipe at the same time. I used 2 jack stands, and 1 jack.
Disconnect battery.
You should be able to jack the car up, put the jack stands under the car, put emergency brake on and chock the rear wheels.
Move jack to under x-pipe, jack up till you touch the x pipe.
Remove O2 sensors from both sides of mid pipe.
Unbolt the exhaust from exhaust manifold and lower jack to lower exhaust.
Next step I removed my exhaust mid pipe from the x pipe, mainly because I was replacing the mid pipe. The mid pipe to x pipe is a slip fit so loosen bolts and slide brackets off. I don't know for a fact if the mid pipe needs removed just for the header install only, but I probably would just so I could manuever underneath the car easier to access the exhaust manifold/headers.
Then you get to start on removing exhaust manifolds and installing headers.
There is a write up on how to do the install, tools needed, time, etc. or you can pay someone with a lift to do it quick and painless.

FYI, you can get the ceramic shorties on auto anything with the 15% discount code for around 320 something or the chrome ones for about a $100 less.
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