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Originally Posted by 2012v6Pony View Post
Not sure what tuner you guys have but my DiabloSport InTune lets me adjust my transmission settings myself. Line pressure and shift points(both MPH for low shift point and WOT max RPM) per gear...
Main reason I bought it was to be able to make adjustments.
Same here when I bought mine in March 2012 for use on my Charger. Brian at Diablo and I worked together when they supported the Mustang starting in June '12. They did some learning, revising on my car. Also, you should be able to get firmer shifts in select shift mode too, he did for me but when I got a Ford update done in Jan this year, it went away even after him making another tune. Really at the time I didn't appreciate the fact he tuned Select Shift too...I thought it was tunable...

I don't like the 2-4k and 4-7k very broad, no resolution wot a/f adjustment. Now if a tuner would tweak this after a datalog and get you smoothed out and then...offer the range of adjustment I mentioned...that might be ok.

If you have a stall, you gotta have torque converter lockup adjustments. I don't recall my intune I sold last month having that optional adjustment.

As to Diablo tuners...Bama is hit or miss it seems. I think Ryan has forgotten about me again. I've sent 3 emails WITH the idle and step rev datalogs he wanted.

JPC...I've read they're hard to get a hold of. Beyond that...taking it to a non 2011+ experienced shop somewhere...I wouldn't do it.
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