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as far as so called professional drivers go..uh..big woot...i'd like to see the quote...cause chip foose, carrol shelby and ken brown have all pushed it on a street..but thats neither here nor there...i do my thing on the late night circuit and empty all of you who dont...thats cool...but let he who is without sin and all that...lets see ...what does more damage than streetracin?...lets take the nghtrnnr hypocrit test shall we
youre a hypocrit if
1 you smoke around other people
2 you go above the speed limit
3 you had that beer and jumped in the car drivers seat
4 you talk on the cell phone while you drive
5 you drive home after a double shift at work
because everyone of those things does more damage more often than johnny streetracer...get real
and dont answer this question except in your head...see the pic below...i took it today on my lil road trip...imagine with me....youre in your stang...along side comes a camaro...he gives the go sign...revs his engine...wants to try it...if in your head you said hell yeah i'd speed up...youre a streetracer son...
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