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Originally Posted by Shadowsong6 View Post
I haven't seen anyone around here talking about it... but Supersixmotorsports has all kinds of stuff out for our motors.. cams, heads, even a 4.0L stroker kit. Does no one know about it, or am I missing something and the parts aren't worth looking at?

Super Six Motorsports - V6 products that make your life faster

There's the link, most of their stuff is advertised right on the front page lol

I wouldn't say their not worth looking at, matters on what you're looking to do. You can make more power per dollar with a FI application. You can look at some 3V 4.6L NA build threads for comparison and see what you think (They will have better gains with the larger displacement ). From what I've read most of them have went the FI route. If you have cash burning you need to get rid of and want to be unique, NA beast it! But when the Procharged, stock internals 3.7 trains you, don't be suprised!

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