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High RPM acceleration sound

Hey, guys. Ever since I started running my Lund tune, right after I ran a bama I started to notice a rattle at high RPM acceleration(it could have started before that, just more quietly). I initially thought it was some sort of exhaust rattle, but after the past week or so I've started to question that. At about 5,000RPM give or take a little, it starts to sound like some kind of metal flapping up against metal(that's all I can think of to compare it to). Maybe like an aluminum sheet hitting something at a very high speed, which is what made me think it was exhaust that was loose or something, but I have checked all of my exhaust numerous times to make sure it's tight. Also, I believe it gets louder in a 3rd gear acceleration, than 1st or 2nd, but that could just be me. I know people have had problems with the driveshaft, but with my mods, and speeds that I'm going, I didn't really think it could be that. I just wanted a few opinions though. Thanks.

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