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Originally Posted by fordgrl99
I average 21.8 or higher around town (5-spd) and 25+ highway.

Here's a question, though. Does anyone feel like the speedometer isn't right?? I don't have a lead foot, but at the same time, I ain't granny, either! I can be driving down the freeway at around 70+ (in a 55) and STILL get passed by soccermom vans and granny Taurus'. What gives?? I had it checked at the dealer and they said it's right on. However, if I set the cruise at 70 and reset the gauge for mph, it jumps to 68, then settles to about 67. So it seems I might be around 3 miles off?? Is that accurate?

One other note. My Shaker 500 quit a couple of weekends ago. Just no power, nada. For about 2 days, no radio. I pulled the fuse from the passenger side, it was fine. Pulled the fuse from under the hood, it was fine. But after reseating both of those...voila. Radio now works. It also saved my presets, but I had to reset the treb/bass, rdc, etc. Any ideas on what caused this? I have an appt this week to drop it off to check the radio and a couple of other minor things.
I have a GPS system in my car and it displays the vehicle's speed and it indeed indicates that my speedo is off about three mph
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