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I 2nd that!

Yes, they make more power as they add to the burn (fuel/oxygen) but you're stuck in the N2O pit... making sure it's filled, filling it, and still worrying about it... plus as my colegue above said, what if you run out, what if a line or nossle get clogged under high boost...?? Yea, KABOOOM!

Anybody that want a safe moderately fast car built on the stock block can go with the uncooled system, just make sure you have a VERY SAFE tune, let's say 1;11.5 under peak boost.

The quote above seems to be more aimed at the guys running the older style Vortechs, when a cooler was not avail or a separate part, and pricey at that.

Even so I got a cooler because it makes me feel warm and toasty against detonation.... later my plans changed and I needed it... now I'm considering to pulley her further (high teens) and get a larger cooler... move the battery to where it belongs, in the trunk!

When you install it is cheaper and easier to get the cooler at the same time... in my case the cooled system was 600 more which is allot for the cooler and some plastic and rubber...

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