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Originally Posted by GTNOS
hey vandermey, have you looked under the hood of your F150? if so, did you take notice of that mess of crap ford calls an air intake that is bolted to the engine? i mean it looks like a big plastic maze, has to be restrictive as hell. i would get a cold air kit for it, im sure someone makes one. get on one of those f150 forums, im sure someone can point you in the right direction. i would do it to mine, but if have 300 or so bucks to spend, ill buy one for the stang first... but the f150 needs one bad! it would add some hp and maybe even help some with the mileage. dang sure aint gonna hurt...
After installing a K&N CAI, I am now managing a cool 19.5 mpg in my new F-150 (highway mileage of course). Without a doubt, I recommend a CAI. You can really hear the new intake when increasing in speed. I do not recall my K&N CAI in my Mustang having as much of an effect. In fact, since modding my Stang, the mileage has dropped to 15 mpg. Whereas just adding a CAI to my F-150 has increased mileage by 2-2.5 mpg. I will be adding a tonneau cover in a few days to see if I can crest over the 20 mpg mark. Anyways, I am enjoying my new truck.

On another note, I took the Stang out this weekend to really break in the Baer 14" brakes. Boy was she a little hot....after breaking the brakes in, I cruised around for a little while to cool them off a bit. :hihi:
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