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Originally Posted by Foolinjected
None of those 5 things you listed has anything to do with street racing. You can't justify bad behavior by bringing up examples of other.
read it again...i think it was in english....the plain to see point was that it didnt have anything to do with racing nor was it an attempt to justify do what you want with your life...i'll do the same....the point i clearly made was that "let he who is without sin and all that"...i dont remember saying anything about 5 wrongs making a right either and hey airgo...i havent had one accident or one ticket yet...can you say that? but i think i made my point to those that understand...if you arent guilty of any of those 5 points then you are obviously the lord come again and you can tell can order me how to live my life...but if you have done any of those and are still ready to condemn anyone elses lifestyle then...........
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