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i think i should clarify something...i dont give a rats patoot if you race or not...i respect why people do...i respect why people dont...i dont race in a way that people get hurt(mostly)and if you are worried about your wife being on the road at 2am in the back alleys of the big city where i race...uh...i hate to tell you but if shes out there...uh....shes really out there if you know what i point isnt to turn people on to streetracing...and dont think you will ever turn me off to is what it is...i've already had this discussion here and i didnt mean to rehash but when some ******* yahoo wishes my friends death...or some other ******* warrior labels them idiots i have to speak on it...and for those who think i'm off my rocker...go to kill stories...there are legions of motorheads i'm proud to join
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