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Originally Posted by BobEFFC View Post
A Boss intake is good for 30 crank hp with the current heads. Ford warranties the 575hp TVS blower setup so they must trust the internals. If the 5.0 gets direct injection I can't imagine 475hp is that far of a reach.
It's not whether it can be done, but whether there's a commercial need for it. If they think people will buy it at 430 hp, they'll make it 430 hp, which leaves more room for a hi-po model, and gives them leeway to increase further down the line without having to scratch their heads too much.

Kind of like why the Cayman S is the same engine as the Carrera, detuned - so they don't cannibalize the 911, and people are still buying the Cayman even with less po.

Or kind of why the C7 is 460 HP. Could you extract more juice from that engine? For sure. Is there a reason to do that, and raise the bar on the ZR1/Z06 replacement, while people are drooling at their mouth as it is? No way.

Then in a year or two or three, you notch it up a bit, which you could easily do now, but you do it when the enthusiasm starts to fizzle, and as a manufacturer you save a lot of money.

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