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Originally Posted by helicfii
I have come to the conclusion that the only thing wrong with my car is the tune.

The only reason it is taking so long for my gears to sync up is because the rpm hangs forever when I release the throttle. If I match revs on the downshift, it DOES shift like butter as fast I want to shift. While shifting at about 5500 RPM, the RPM hangs there during the shift, and you can hear the syncros trying to get everything synchronized. I plan on finding someone that can create a tune that eliminates the throttle hang-up and that will provide me with engine braking. You know, like a real engine...

Why in the world would anyone create a performance tune that allows the engine RPM to hang up like this?

Basic car stuff: Floor the pedal= GO FAST. Release the gas pedal= SLOW DOWN.
Those are my sentiments also. I worked with Doug at BamaChips (there is no tuner person or dyno where I live) until the lag was eliminated and I got the engine brake I was looking for.

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