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Okay car is finally completely fixed. 3 dealers and some new parts later and it shifts like hot knife through butter. Turns out after pulling the transmission the Slave cylinder was in pieces I guess the bearing came apart. And the pressure plate was loose like the TSB stated. But its all fixed and good to go. Easiest shifting I've had in the car ever now. And the clutch pedal is back to being stiff and engagement is about half way up the travel vs before it was at the bottom portion of the travel. Only issue is the Ford Dealer wouldn't install my SPEC Clutch and Flywheel while the transmission was out. Its understandable though as they were in there trying to find and repair an issue under warranty.

Parts replaced in all visits Master and Slave cylinder

Dealers Visited
Jones West Ford - Reno, NV Tip: Stay the hell away from this service department
Rio Vista Ford - Rio Vista, CA - Great dealer seemed personal, listed to my issue and took my advise on what was wrong. I dont fault them for not finding the slave cylinder as it wasn't shifting when it was brought to them and it left at least shifting just hard and the master cylinder was visibly leaking.
Rizzari Ford - Merced, CA - Decent Service as they fixed the car. Could be a little better at calling me back when they said they would. but they were willing to pull the transmission out, without wanting to charge me diag like the dealer in Reno.

All in all this has been a huge pain in my ass and I'm out around 300 dollars between Diag to Reno and Gas to tow it myself from Reno to Rio Vista. And being without my car for around a month. Hasn't been a fun experience but at least I have my car back. Now time to battle with ford and get my money back from Jones West Ford in Reno.

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