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MPT Tunes - what shifting preference did you select??

Saw this on the order form:

Shifting Preferences for Automatics:
Race: Firmest shift setting, Race will shift fast and very hard. Most likely chirping the tires. If you think Race might be too firm for your preference, it probably is. Choose Street. If you want the fastest firmest shift possible, choose Race.
Street: Will be decently firm, nice increase over stock. Street is the most popular setting for automatic transmissions.
Chill: Will be slightly firmer than stock but not as aggressive as Street.
Stock: Nothing modified related to shifting firmness or torque reduction.

STOCK is out of the is chill.

Now Race sounds good but what I'm wondering is how many of you have RACE on your daily driver? I'm on the road nearly 100 miles a day. Not sure if that would get annoying or be too rough on the car in traffic.

Trying to decide between Race and Street.


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