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Originally Posted by JediDave View Post
For me PERSONALLY, I'm really glad I got my 2014! I do not, under any circumstances, want a SN95 94-98 style/sized Mustang. I purchased my 14 GT/CS when the "gettin was good." I knew the 15's were going to be down sized, but man, 15" from the front and almost 7" narrower, WOW! The length of the 2011 Mustang is 188.1 inches and width 73.9 inches------the 1994 Mustang length is 181.5 inches and width 71.8 inches. Now if the current estimations of 15" length/7" width reduction is correct, that will put the dimensions of the 2015 Mustang at a length of 173.1 inches and a width of 66.9 inches. The 1974 Mustang has a length of 175 inches and a width of 70.2 inches.

Even if the the 15"/7" reduction isn't totally correct, the new Mustang is going to be much, much, smaller. I hated my time in my 1995 Mustang. The interior was way to small for me at 6' tall. My fellow co-worker who car pooled with me had long legs which were practically in his chest riding in that car. Additionally, I only had like a quarter inch from the top of my head to the roof. My 2007 Mustang is a breath of fresh air. I actually have room to move around in that car and my co-worker isn't up against me. My 2014 GT/CS has even more interior room and I love it. For me, 2015 is to small, more like an SN95.....but even smaller.

By the way, the dimensions of the 1971 "boat" Mustang is: length 189.5 inches and width 74.1 inches.

Jedi D.
Well, the length of the 64.5 was 181.6" so we won't be too far off with the new one.

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