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Why would you buy a ford?

Well, they finally got close to getting the wheel balance issue fixed. Had all four of the rims included in my performance package replaced because the clear-coat was d-laminating. Seems after they put the new rims on the balance issue disappeared. Interesting because prior to the d-lamination issue they insisted the wheels were true....

The vibration between 2500 and 3000 rpm still persists. A ford engineer drove may car and gave me the "this is normal" BS. I took the car to another dealer, the problem was readily available to the tech and they escalated the issue up to Ford. Ford told them not to perform any attempts to repair the car and referenced a service or technical bulletin that stated some 2011-2013 Mustangs with V6 and manual transmission may exhibit this trait. I spoke with the manager told him I had averaged a new car every 2-3 years and asked him why I would ever, ever, ever step on a ford car lot again let alone purchase another vehicle from ford. I'm pretty much their prime demographic, 51 years old with a decent income. Unbelievable...They know the car has a problem and refuse to fix it!!! I'm not sure if that is driven by arrogance or stupidity, but that's pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Interestingly, the dealer was also extremely put off with fords response and gave me copies of the escalation paperwork, fords response and a copy of the bulletin... Luckily, California has some pretty strict lemon laws which I am vigorously perusing
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