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Originally Posted by Old5Oh View Post
. . .. and for some of us, that's the point exactly. The current car is elephantine, the same size as the 71-73, which everyone agrees was too big. 4000 pounds? That's just too much for a performance car.

I have heard and hope for a 12-15" length reduction. I seriously doubt the 7" width reduction, making it narrower than a Pinto. That's not real, and it doesn't jibe with the spy photography of the camo'd car that came out recently. That car was well-proportioned, not high and skinny.

So, there are at least some of us looking forward to the new car. And if none of the rest of you want one, then we should be able to get a good deal with a healthy rebate in the first year. That'd be OK, too.

And remember, no one liked the SN95 when it came out. But it ended up being OK.
Agreed. I welcome the size reduction. Moreso, I welcome the weight reduction with open arms.

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