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Originally Posted by Greyhoundman View Post
I replaced both the front and rear speakers with Image dynamics 6.5 components and added two, Arc 2 channel amps with a JL clean sweep, I am almost ready to rip the clean sweep out.....I hate it. I have been trying to tolerate it but it is on its way out my biggest pet peeve about it is the damn clean sweep volume control, it sounds good if you use the JL volume control and leave the HU at the calibrated volume level, however it sounds muddy at any lower HU volume level and as I already have steering wheel controls and a standard volume control the last damn thing I need is another volume control. I am going back and forth between a dedicated processor and one of the new Zapco amps with the built in processor......or just say F-it and go high level straight in to the amps.
if you have around $500 to spare, i would recommend the jbl MS-8. can get them refurbished (which i did) from JBL for i believe $450. GREAT unit and easy to set up.

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