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Different strokes for different folks!! I for one liked the 71-73 Mustangs which were the best built and most refined of the muscle stangs. When Ford downsized to the Pinto-stang in 74 everyone cheered along with Motor Trend which awarded it the Car of the Year award. Ford sold 385,693 of them in 74, but in 75 sales dropped almost 50% to 188,575. The once cheering buyers became dismayed at the small size and weak engines. As used car prices fell on the Pinto-Stang, the values of the 71-73 Boat-Stangs (65-70 models also) held firm and in some cases rose because owners held on to them resulting in a reduction of supply on the used car market. Only time will tell if history repeats itself.

Mustang Chronicle, By Jerry Hesley and the auto editors of Consumer Guide
"And suprisingly, the '71s rode and handled better than previous Mustangs, something biased chroniclers typically ignore. Understeer was reduced, roadholding was improved, and new variable-ratio power steering provided better road feel than Mustang's fixed-ratio setup. (pg. 102)

Will history repeat itself??
"In design terms, the 1971-73 models were the last in the mold of the smash-hit original. Sporty styling, performance that was at least interesting, and a long option list had all endured, but everyone knew that Mustang had veered way off the ponycar path and needed to get back on track---pronto.
It was about to do just that with a new-generation car for the brave, battered world of the Seventies. Unfortunately, the regrettably underachieving Mustang II would prove as controversial in its own way as the "Clydesdale" cars it replaced. (pg. 103)

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