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Originally Posted by BerryBlack37 View Post
Hello everyone. I recently took a trip to Thompson International Speedway and averaged 37 mpg traveling I-395 N. I'll admit there were more downhills than uphills and I had my cruise control set at 55 mph, no A/C. The EPA rates the Mustang at 19/31.

But get this- I currently have a 93 Bama Tune, Aluminum Driveshaft, staggered 18" wheels, and AFE cold air intake installed. Automatic. 2.73 gearing. So can anyone/has anyone out there beat 37 mpg highway fuel economy?
The best I got on last weekend's roadtrip was 36mpg actual / 33 computer on Highway 395 southbound. Drove 293 miles still only about at 1/2 tank when I stopped, driving 65-80mph, passing cars, 90+ degrees temp, A/C on, 91 octane. Averaged 32.8mpg actual for the whole 1,513 mile trip on two-lane backroads while passing slower traffic, av speed around 75mph. To say I'm happy with the mileage and performance is an understatement.
BONE 2011 stock, manual trans, 2.93 rear. 40psi fronts, 38psi rears, Goodyear Eagle GTs.
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