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Originally Posted by pfiandra
OUCH!!!!!! Sorry. You should be able to get her fixed like new. At 82 that doesn't look too bad. I'm from Pennsylvania and we have a lot of white tail deer and up state some elk. If you hit a white tail at 82 you are going to get allot more damage then that, a big buck can get up to close to 250 lbs. And an elk, forget about it, you probably won't walk away from that. Big animals. Is an antelope the same as a white tail deer only from Montana? In the Home on the Range song I always wondered what they meant by "were the deer and the antelope play". I've traveled all over this country and I never saw an antelope. I guess I sound kind of dumb. If I'm ignored I understand.
Antelope are part of the goat family. They are different than deer. I would guess he weighed about 150 pounds or so from how he felt when we pulled him off the road.

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