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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
wow...i remember when i hit a cat?raccoon at 50 or so and the sinking feeling in my gut when i heard that thud on my bumber cause i knew it was gonna leave a mark...i can imagine what it must have been llike in those seconds prior to hitting that thing...and then getting out of your car and seeing the said it went all the way under and out the back...hows the back end? and the drivetrain?
They were going to put it on the hoist this morning and see what's up. It was like I road him. He was half under the car and half not. There was blood and guts and crap all down the side and hair underneath the car. The upper half of him was all messed up and kinda skinned. The wheel well cover was one of the first to go and it was laying there all in one piece. Headlight lens was in about 100 pieces on the road. From where I hit him to where I stopped was about 120 feet and the blood trail was about 100 feet.

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