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I think the fact that you lost to the corvette was because the guy actually knew how to drive it i belive any car can beat any car if your driving skils surpass the driver of the other car its simple really you just need to know how to get some more "umph" out of the shifts. ie- in an automatic mustang if you time this right you can essentialy do a type of shift that is similar to a double clutch in standard cars to do this you simply take your foot off the gas for a nano second and then slam the pedal to the metal and if done correctly it will cause the rear wheels to peel out when shifting. on the other hand in a standard car you do almost the same thing except it involves a clutch and perfect timing what you do is shift gears than slam the gas pedal to the floor and pull off the clutch really fast thus making it seem as if you doubled up on the clutch thus called a double clutch and as in an automatic your rear tires should peel out giving you a lil jerk into a lot of torque knowing those can change the out come of any race instead of not doing it i recomend practicing against some slower cars like Honda Civics or Celicas that serve no real threat and it will help your shifting skills by far thats how i beat a C-6 and C-5 Corvette same day different times like a few minutes after the C-6 guy didnt know how to shift properly and ended up stalling the C-5 driver was a little better but not good enuff those were the first 2 cars i ever raced in my 2004 Mustang and the funny thing was i wasnt really trying lol i was messing with them because i knew they wouldnt stand a chance if i was trying i would have some how beat them off the line and whooped them but i wanted to make them have a sence of joy for like 3 seconds lol well the C-5 at least the C-6 deserved a better driver lol see it really isnt a matter of horsepower in a car (well that does matter some) but its not everything if you have high torque and balanced Horsepower you can stand up against almost anything well i hope this will help you in the future of Corvettes and other cars in general
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