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IMHO, I think the movie is worth seeing. Of course, my definiton of seeing a movie is when it comes to DVD, then I buy (or maybe rent it) and watch it on my big screen with surround sound, while sitting in my very comfy leather chair, without some big headed person sitting in my line of sight...of course I can talk as much a si want without being told to shhhh! The best part, on scenes like the Mustang scene, I can replay the scene as many times as I find it amusing. I tend to think the movie will rate about the same as "The Lost Boys," "The Craft," "Van Helsing," "Constatine," and "The Brothers Grimm." But then again, I tend to like those kinds of flicks. I must admit, I would love that option of my Mustang reassembling itself after an accident...where do I get the hardware for that option?
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