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Originally Posted by AdvancedSpecV View Post
Hey everyone! So I finally decided to bite the bullet and do some performance upgrades. I ordered the jba modular x pipe, an airaid CAI and the diablo tuner. Well unfortunately American Muscle is currently out of the airaid intakes, so they are only sending me the xpipe for now. My question is can I still install the whole xpipe, or at least the part that doesn't remove the cats? Or should I just wait until my tune/CAI arrives?
Originally Posted by AdvancedSpecV View Post
Ok sounds like a plan. I just checked their site though and the airaid by itself is in stock and so is the tuner, I'm hoping they will ship out today! If they do I will just wait and doit all at once

I'm showing both of these items are back in stock now, so your order should be shipping out shortly! Can you please shoot me a PM with your order number, I just want to make sure everything's good to go for you.


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