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Originally Posted by kd05gt
As I have stated in previous posts, I also like the system. The ABS conflict displays poor engineering, in my opinion. Granatelli's complete lack of concern (I have never been contacted about this issue, after phone calls, faxes, emails) other than the one call to bend the ABS lines. My personal letter to JR Granatelli from August remains unanswered.
my first post after being a long time reader seriously considering buying an 05 Stang and just like reading about the mods...i see 50/50 reviews like everyone else seems to think. i understand your mad about someone not returning your calls but dude your on every post for his cai crying about some minute issue which the author of this post fixed with common sense in probably 5 mins. Im sure i could find numerous other ways to solve the issue as well. i just think your a little too butthurt and seems like you concentrate all your efforts on the lil problem ..i havent heard one thing from you stating how well the system works if it does at all ???and all you people wonder how the pot gets stirred up ?? one guy crys about filters and abs lines ..and whamm! Never buy a Granatelli Cai! ..sorry buddy long day and needed to vent to someone ..Lucky you !
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