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Pretty messed up

"It shows that government at higher levels is taking this seriously."
In February, a 23-year-old Edmonton man died in a similar incident when he lost control of his car during a race on Yellowhead Trail.

First off the goverment doesnt take anything seriously! Secondly the 23 year old man was my older brother Scott Chouinard and he was in a car accident but it was not proven to be a race! Actually the police say it was someone who pushed his car off the road! Im not saying my brother never raced cars but still.... and to the person who said u just wouldnt lose control off your car you know what sometime **** happens! Drinking and driving racing whatever is dumb and the legal limit to dirve should be 19 your not aloud to drink or smoke until your 19 so why should you be able to operate a viechle. people are dumb and they need to take driving more seriously and then maybe there wouldnt be so many deaths on the road!

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