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First Impressions: Roush Extreme Lowering Springs

I recently had these springs installed over the weekend. I purchased them from Summit Racing for $240.

The goal of purchasing these springs was primarily for aesthetics. Like many of you, I wanted to reduce the fender gap. I wanted a mild drop of approximately 1" to 2" to ensure I could still drive this car on a daily basis in relative comfort.

It is my only car, I have two young girls that sit in back and I tackle the awful Minnesota winters with this vehicle on a set of Blizzaks.

To be honest, I was very apprehensive purchasing these. I had a very bad experience lowering an Audi A4 I used to own (even using what I thought were stock OEM sport package springs). After I lowered that vehicle it was essentially undrivable.

I chose the ROUSH springs because they are the springs that they use on the 2013 ROUSH RS car. They do not alter the suspension in any way, except for adding these springs. Additionally, they RECOMMEND that you use your OEM shocks and struts.

I thought this was a very important detail as I wanted to maintain as much comfort as possible while improving aesthetics.

The numbers:

I measured the fender before and after and the front was dropped by 1 1/16". The rear dropped by 1 1/8". This is after just about 30 miles of driving. The springs may settle a bit more I suppose.

The ride:

I would say that after a couple of days of driving, the ride is truly acceptable as a daily driver. It certainly increases firmness, but I would not call the ride harsh. There is no bounciness, unless you find yourself on a concrete road with lots of expansion gaps and undulation. You will find a bit more up and down movement than you would want as a bone stock OEM car, but I believe it is acceptable. The ride is actually more comfortable than my previous BMW 545i with the sports package. It is also on par with my previous Audi 2006 A4 (OEM suspension), with the exception of some of the mild bounciness.

Rebound is well controlled as we have an area of construction that would test this on my stock suspension.

No noises, squeaks or anything like that.

The performance:

Certainly corners a bit flatter than before and reduces body roll. I will be going up to a track day in two weeks and will report back. I assume this will improve things a bit

Final words:

I think that these springs will be a nice balance of aesthetics and performance. If you are looking primarily to close the wheel gap without significantly impacting your ride, these will probably work well. Again, I chose them because ROUSH used these on their RS car and didn't use anything else. I thought that was a big deal.


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