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Originally Posted by DaveWms View Post
(I posted this in wrong forum earlier.)

I noticed a lot of V6 owners wanting exhaust to make their cars sound like a V8. That's not my case, though.

I'd much rather embrace the V6 and get the best sound out of it.

My wife's G37 sounds good, but it's too soft.

The sister to the G37 is the 370 Z, and I have checked out a couple of them at Coffee and Cars, and they sound really good, and the ones with aftermarket exhaust systems sound great!

So I'm wondering if there's a faction here that feel the same way, and what are the mods they've made?

I don't want it super loud, that's not the point. (I have an old hot rod in the garage that fills that need!)
Check out the Corsa Sport, I have them on my car and I don't think they try to sound like a V8. Aggressive/exotic yes, very little rasp( I've never heard a 3.7 with no rasp) and no drone. Stock except the axlebacks.

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