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Originally Posted by kj_cinci
The auto is better on the 1/4 and in traffic jams... the other 99.35% of your driving foggetaboutit!!!
In traffic jams, I'd agree, but is it really better in the 1/4 or just more consistant?

A freind of mine with an 05 auto with a K&N intake and a tune is p-o'd because my 06 manual GT in stock form has posted a better 1/4 time than his car. At the time we chauked it up to his 3.31 gears to my 3.55's.

He recently upgraded to 3.73 gears and I upgraded to a C&L racer intake and tune. At the track, he still had trouble going any quicker than before he changed his gears while I was able to knock off almost a 1/4 second from stock, down to 13.439 at 104.99 mph.

So is the auto really better or do we just have cars at the opposite ends of the factory variances in performance?

I guess another option is that his K&N is too restrictive since it is "possible" to run the K&N without a tune. Dunno but he would sure welcome any tips. I hate to see a guy pissed off about the perforamnce of his mods.

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