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Amusing kill story

Okay, the weather was nice and the Stang needed to stretch her legs, so I took her to work yesterday. After work I decided to head to the local hot rod gathering. While there, I had some laughs, I soem food, I got some compliments on my car, and had a generally good time.

On my way to the hot rod gathering, I pulled up to a light, and right next to me pulls up a 2004+ Chevy Silverado Crewcab 1500. He reves his engine, and I mildly look over. He is checking out my Stang and I note what visiable mods I can see on his ride (which turns out to be nice wheels/tires and dual exhaust). The light turns green and the Chevy is off. I chuckled and hit the gas myself. As I raced by the Chevy beast, I noticed the driver concentrating hard. So I think, maybe he is not racing, maybe he is just in a hurry. Then the next light comes up. The Chevy driver looks square at me, revs his engine then looks to the light. Okay, he wants to man-up. I tell my passenger to hold on, for over my dead body will a Chevy win this night. The light turns green, and I do not hesitate...I press the pedal to the metal, go through my gears and I am gone. A few momonets latter, the beastie Chevy comes roaring up next to me, he rolls down his window and yells to me "Damn...not even close. Although I have a 6.0L VORTEC, I really thought I could hang with you. Man, you served me my pride on silver platter." Then he starts chuckling. I casually mention that I just could not let a Chevy best me on this nite. We both chuckled some more, he then gave me the thumbs up as I kicked into gear one final time so he can get one last good look at my rear license plate.

It is friendly little spouts of competition like that, that keeps me amused. The Chevy driver did not make any excuses or declare that I cheated or such. He felt confident in his steed, man-upped against mine, and gracefully accepted the defeat. Now in all fairness, I still do not know if the Chevy had any mods, from what I can tell, it appeared to be a stock truck with nice wheels/tires and dual exhaust. Plus, it is a 5500 lb. truck (hp rating unknown to me), while the thundereing hooves my little pony is not stock (well modified) and weighing in nearly 1 ton less than the truck, the competition was likely over before it began. But the spout did boost my ego, made me smile and made for a great nite. :hihi:

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