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I don't know how good of a driver you are but that sertainly make a diff. Anywho; between a auto and a stick with stock gearing and the same tires and HP the auto will win.

I have not driven a stock auto, but a CAIed auto with after cat exhaust will do low 13's. Quick burn of the stock tires (cleaning, not heating! ). Hold the brake, hold about 3,500 rpm, let go of the brake...

I am a beginner on the track with four wheels... but I think it says somthing that I drowe my (then) ~340 rwhp car to 13.14 and a 270 rwhp auto to a 13.25, both with ETs...

Stock they are pretty close but as the power goes up the auto becomes easier and should win.

High powered too the auto, even stock autos seem to do better... see post 5...

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