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Originally Posted by Sean Reilly View Post
Forget about the sound of that 9 Cyl. Radial.....

If you want REAL Radial Sound,.... Listen to a Vought F4U Corsair, With That Best EVER Built "Pratt & Whitney R-2800 18 Cylinder Monster that could Peak out to 3,500 HP when they came equiped with BOTH an Internal Superchargers and Exterior Turbochargers!!....Now thats some Sound!

But to the Main Topic.....I think that these New TiVCT 3.7's Sound Just Fine!!
I have a buddy with the SHO (yes I know its a 3.5 L) but he has that thing Tuned to the Bone with a Open Element CAI, and the Boost Raised to the Moon (AED Tune) Well that thing sounds like a Freakin Rocket-ship, And goes like one too!!.....As that heavy SHO walks right away from My 5.0, without prejudice!!

Those SHOs can be made into beasts for heavy full size sedans. I test drove one when I was bored one day at the dealership waiting for some warranty work and that thing PLANTS you into the seat when the turbos both kick in at 4k rpm. It's not too fast stock, but with some mods I'm sure it's quick.

But the new twin turbo 4.7 v8's in the s550 Benz are something else. "400" horsepower and "440" torque but i think the germans are underrating it. Maybe to the wheels.

That thing literally surges in the midrange like a afterburner kicked in. I was driving one a couple days ago and Im pretty sure it's faster than my car after 60. That thing pulled without mercy to 120 while I was getting my ass massaged and cooled hahaha

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