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Black Or White Louvers?...

Ok here is the deal. Some of you may remember my other V6 Mustang that I once posted pictures of (They are in my gallery) Well, a few weeks ago, I got ANOTHER Mustang, this time I got a brand new 2006 Mustang GT! The color of the car is white. Now I need help, I have been thinking for the last week about which color Louvers I should get for the white Mustang. Would it look better with white or black louvers? I will also be adding black stripes to her so I can't decide if I should have the Louvers the same color as the car or the stripes??? I will also be adding a hood scoop which will have to be black since it will sit right on the stripes. Please help me decide because I can't do it!!! HAHA! Thanks!...

*PS* The Louvers and Hood Scoop with be added before the stripes so i'm not sure how a white car will look with just black Louvers and Scoop.

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