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Tunes, yes more tuning questions.

I have been reading a little about tunes and such and as we all know you really cant put a whole lot of powerful mods on your car without one. Now onto the questions at hand. I have the extended warranty on my car and ive been told that a custom tune would almost completely void my warranty. even worse, im trying to get a fuel pump replaced because i almost smashed into a lexus after taking my baby on a long, long drive. then having it sputter for a few second after proceeding through a green light, causing the car to jerk forward and almost into her back seat. Even with the TSB they just tell me, "we cant recreate the problem, and with an increase in warranty work blah blah." So i would definately love to put on a CAI, etc,etc, and increase the fun. but that would void almost my whole warranty considering i would need a custom tune.and yes the same warranty i cant use to have work i actually need done on my car wont let me doing anything exciting to it. so am i just up the creek without a paddle or is there some better alternative i just cant think of. i thought that just returning the car to i wouldnt have an extreme number of mods like KJ....and returning the stock tune. would they still be able to tell? i believe it shows a "reflash" and thats how they can tell the computer has been messed with. but im not sure. in the distant future i will have FI and such. but me being 21, and in school. i wouldnt have enough money to pay for anything serious that could happen to my car. so is their anyway for me to win? am i just worried about nothing? time is much appreciated.

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