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Well the problem with the fuel pump is that is that after long drives it will sometimes wait like a half second or two to start going again. but it happens whenever it feels like. its just very scary when it does.especially almost smashing into a lexus or some expensive car that you dont want to pay to have fixed....the reason i kind of want to take the car to this dealership is that its the closest one to me and its the only performance dealership in the area i can think of and i know a couple of people who have taken their cars there and they do pretty nice for just returning the stock tune, they told me that they wouldnt be able to tell whether or not it was done by another dealership or a custom tuner so they would have no choice but to assume it wasnt done by if i changed the CAI and got a custom tune....all i have to do is disconnect the negative cable....return it to stock with the stock tune and they will be none the wiser. if thats all it takes then i would do that...just as long as i could bs them long enough to get my service done.....i was actually looking at the granatelli CAI. no tune needed, 20rwhp (give or take), but would you like the granatelli, or a c&l with a bamachips tune? thought so 65 . thanks for the comments. good info

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