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I’ve only had my 2014 for a couple of days so take this with a grain of salt.

Most of the aftermarket springs I’ve seen for these cars are variable rate. A poor choice. You can’t valve a shock correctly to match and all you get is sloppy corner entry and a lot of brake dive. Lowering the car will affect the anti-squat, pinion angle, rear end centering and bump-steer. All of these things can be fixed, but this is just food for thought and of course it depends how much you lower it. The FMS stuff I’ve seen is variable rate.

Get good shocks! I like Bilstiens, but Koni seems to be the popular choice for these cars. My 2014 will be my DD (the 68 is for performance) . So far I plan on using the Route 66 55D rear springs to bring down the rear a tad w/o throwing out the geometry too bad. I’ll add Bilstiens at the same time. If the front ends up being seriously under-sprung, I’ll replace my GT springs with the factory Brembo springs. That’s the plan anyway.

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